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Touching God


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Touching God

A Quranic Approach

by Mahmood Jawaid


"In the beginning, the soul was with God. He then decided to join it with a human body. As the body grew in the womb and brain architecture developed, it started to develop an autobiographical memory and the present, the past, and the future appeared on the horizon. This was, however, at a price, he started to drift away from God. Meditation is a tool to bring the soul back in touch with God. This book is an attempt to share how this can be achieved from the Quranic perspective. The book first defines God, His attributes, then explores if He can be seen and where could He be situated. The book then explains how we can access Him, both voluntary and involuntary. It then explains what the Muslim approach of accessing Him is. The book then dwells upon the unitary experiences with God. In this respect, the book discusses the state of Wahdat-ul-Wujood (Unity of Existence) and Wahdat-ush-Shuhood (Unity of Witnessing), the highest level of unitary experiences. The book also sheds light on the unitary experiences from the Quranic and scientific perspectives."

LineAbout the Author

The author is an engineer, an inventor, an educationist, a writer, a public speaker, a poet, a satirist, and a humorist, but has yet to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

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Touching God front cover
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