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Hunting to Cloning

- Unearthing Civilization Through Qur’an

by Mahmood Jawaid

The human history and civilization started with the appearance of AdamAS. However, the written record of human civilization is available only since 3,500 B.C. There is a plenty of archaeological data about how people lived before 3,500 B.C., but we do not know what they thought and what they believed in. The author by comparing the Quranic statements with the archaeological data was able to unearth the civilization that thrived since AdamAS and has predicted the following:

The time and place of appearance of NoohAS, HoodAS, AadAS, IbraheemAS and the rest of the prophets.

The life style during the era of AdamAS, NoohAS, HoodAS, AadAS, IbraheemAS and the rest of the prophets.

The shariah of AdamAS, NoohAS, HoodAS, AadAS, IbraheemAS and the rest of the prophets.

The mode of punishment during the era of AdamAS, NoohAS, HoodAS, AadAS, IbraheemAS and the rest of the prophets

When did agriculture, domestication of animal, raising of cattle, cultivation of crops, and use of pastures for the grazing of cattle start?

When did villages, towns, and city-state appear?

When did social hierarchy and kingship start?

When did worship of terrestrial, heavenly objects, and calf begin?

When did people start using temples and prisons?

When did people start building houses (on pillars or columns), castles, palaces, houses in mountains, splendid monuments, great cities, and dams?

When was writing and money invented, and when did the study of astronomy start?

When did animal and human sacrifice and slavery start?

When did the observation of annual cycle and weekend start?

When did international trade start?

The first demonstration of the reversal of infertility, homosexuality, telepathy, relating dreams with future events, curing power of spring water, harnessing of the power of the Jinns and wind. teleportation, human cloning, resuscitation, suspended animation, aerial bombardment, and travel at sonic speed.

The first use of measurement and weight, shoes, boats and horses as a mode of transportation, brass, iron, pigeon carrier embalming technique, and welding technology.

Discovery of taming of birds, echo effect, poetic harmony, oratory, vocal learning by birds, and the communication ability of birds and ants.

Discovery of the principles of jurisprudence and the law of multiplication

The first use of the politics of divide and rule.

The first use of magic and witchcraft.

The first female ruler.

The first superpower (and state) and the first declaration of human rights.

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Mahmood Jawaid is a Chemical Engineer by profession and a free-lance writer by avocation. He has Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Professional Engineers license from the State of Texas and holds three US patents. He has published quite a few essays and satires on religious issues in the Charleston Gazette (Charleston, West Virginia). In addition to the published titles above, he has also authored “Lessons from the Qur’an” published by Ta-Ha Publishers.


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