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Angels and Satan


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Decoding their Nature through
Quran and Science
Mahmood Jawaid

The first book of its kind on this subject for people who are interested in spiritual mysteries. The book using Quranic statements and our current scientific knowledge explains the origin of angels, demons, Satan, and Jinns. It predicts their physical and biological characteristics and discusses their intellectual and spiritual ability. It compares their capabilities with that of the humans and explores how and to what extent they can influence humans. The book also addresses the following questions:

v Are angels, demons, Satan, and Jinns material beings or energy beings?
v When were they created and what is their life-span?
v What do they eat and where do they live?
v How many of them are there and why can we not see them?
v How fast they travel and how far can they go up in the heaven?
v What are their responsibilities and capabilities?
v Can they acquire human and other forms?
v What will be their fate or status in the Hereafter?
v How many types of angels are there and what is their function?
v What kind of benefits can we derive from the Jinns?
v How far the myths (e.g. haunted houses, being possessed, or they float
              and do not have shadow) about the Jinns are true?
v How does the story “Genie in the Bottle” compare with the scientific
240 Pages

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Front Cover of Secrets of Angels, Demons, Satan, and Jinns
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