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Quranic Advice for Youths

by Mahmood Jawaid

This book is a collection of short passages from the Holy Quran. The passages are selected specially for youths to explain the goal and purpose of this life, the ways to achieve this goal, and the obstacles and distractions they may face during this endeavor. The book describes the morals and manners to adopt, the habits to give up, and the responsibilities to fulfill. This book is designed as a companion for high school students to prepare them for a new phase in their life.




No Deity Except AllahST
The Beautiful Names of AllahST
Knows it All
Key Points to Remember


Prayer for Guidance
The Best Deal
The Best Muslim
Key Points to Remember

The Source of Guidance
The Right Way

The Winners
Luqmaan's Advice

The Life and The Hereafter

The Purpose of This Life
Trials and Tribulations
The Key to Prosperity
The Day of Compensation
The Glitters of This World
The Consequence of Greed



Good Manners
The Manner of Giving
Key Points to Remember

Bad Manners
The Manner of Lending

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of AllahST
Right of Holy Prophet Muhammad
Rights of Parents
Responsibility of Leaders
Key Points to Remember

Rights of People
Rights of Family
Rights of Leaders
Responsibility of the Muslim Nation



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