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Human Development

-- The Quranic Perspective

by Mahmood Jawaid

The interest in human development is probably as old as the human being himself. Greeks, Romans, Muslims, and post-renaissance Europeans have made great contribution to this science. In the era of science and technology, it is natural for scientific minded Muslims to ponder over the relationship between the Quranic verses pertaining to science and the observed scientific phenomenon. Recently a number of books have been written on human development to demonstrate the strong consistency between the Holy Quran and science.

When science talks about human development, it is only considering the development of human body. This book presents a comprehensive view of the Holy Quran on human development. The author has shown that human development, from the Quranic perspective, involves not only the development of human body, but it also includes the development of the soul. Even in the development of human body, the Quran does not limit itself to the physical stages described in the literature, it also describes the processes involved. This approach adds another dimension to the understanding of human development.

The study demonstrates that science, due to its limited scope, explains only one aspect of human development, whereas the Holy Quran presents a comprehensive view on the subject.

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