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Wherever you roam
Wherever you wander
Must you always remember:
is your Creator, He is your Protector

You’ll have friends
You’ll have teachers
SAW must you remember
He is your Leader

Sometimes you’ll feel high
Sometimes you’ll feel low
Quran is where you must get your glow
This is the only way to go

You may be busy
You may feel lazy
Must your Salah be steady
On poor must you feel pity

You may like rap
Its only Shaitan's trap
You may love blues
But Quran must be your flute

You may become a Doctor
You may become an Engineer
Dad and Mom must you remember
They are your mentor, they are your honor

Wherever you roam
Wherever you wander
These are the things must you remember
May Allah
be your Protector

Mahmood. Jawaid, April 28, 1998
Copyright Mahmood N.A. Jawaid 1998

Sehra (English Translation)

Bands are playin’ all around Houston
The city is in a mood of celebration

Hasan and Fatima are playing drums with exhilaration
Zainab and Hafsa are chiming in with fascination

The ladies are in a state of ornamentation
Hameed and Gazala have arranged a splendid celebration

Jawaid and Kahkashan are leading the groom’s procession
‘Cause Salmaan and Ayesha are tying the knot of unison

Up in the sky, the stars are sparkling with elation
And the moon is shining with jubilation

Henna is callin’ from up in the Heaven:
“For years I’ve been waitin’ for a happy occasion

Mom’s wish has finally come to fruition
God has blessed us with a joyful celebration

So glad to see my brother decorated with flowers of all coloration
How beautiful a bride, my brother, you have chosen

May your shadow be on her in every destination!
May you see plenty of generation!

May you shower each other with charm and affection!
May your love bloom in every season!

May you both worship God in unison!
May you both love the Prophet with adoration!

May Ayesha be a blessing for you, Salmaan!
May Allah accept my supplication!”

Mahmood Jawaid, July 12, 2008
Copyright Mahmood N.A. Jawaid 2008

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Life in The Casket

Once I was a free soul,
Wandering here and there,
Without any care,
But always in the presence of my Lord,
Who took my care.
I had nothing to fear

One day my Lord asked:
“Who is your Lord, O my dear?”
“Of course You my Lord,
You are the one who takes my care.
It’s You my Lord, I care.” 1
He said, “I’ll see my dear.”

He put me in a casket that was not bare.
It was full of things, I thought I won’t care.
Some say “it was the world O dear,”
I say “it was the casket,
what they say, I don’t care.”
It was full of things, I for sure won’t care.

Life in the casket was not easy to bear
I’ll do things, I thought I won’t dare.
I’ll then cry out in despair:
“Forgive me My Lord, it’s You I care.”
I’ll mend my ways here and there,
I’ll do things again, I thought I won’t care.
I’ll then cry again in despair:
“Forgive me My Lord, it’s You I care.”

Days passed by year by year.
Life in the casket was not easy to bear.
I had done many things that were not fair.
I called my Lord in despair:
“O Lord! Get me out of here,
‘cause it’s only You I care.”

I then saw an angel appear:
“How did you fare?”
“I did many things, I thought I’d never care.
Life in the casket was not easy to bear.”
“Didn’t you always say: “Forgive me My Lord, it’s You I care.”
So forgiveness is your share.” 2

He then took me out of the casket
where I was in despair.
How nice he was, how much did he care.
I was now free, free of despair.
I was with my Lord again, and that’s all did I care.
Life in the casket was for sure not easy to bear.

Mahmood Jawaid – January 1, 2001
Copyright Mahmood N. A. Jawaid 2001

1. When your Lord drew forth from the Children of Adam from their loins their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves, (saying): "Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)?" They said: "Yea! We do testify!" (This), lest you should say on the Day of Judgment: "Of this we were never mindful," HQ (7:172)

2. O my servant who have transgressed against their own souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Return to your Lord again and again and submit to Him before there comes to you the punishment, then you shall not be helped. (HQ 39:5354)

Goodbye Nazo!

Houston skies are on a glow
‘Cause a groom has come from Chicago

It’s the happiest day for Nazo
‘Cause the moon is getting its halo

Atif and Nazo have made a vow
In front of God together they will bow

In their eyes I see a special glow
And here my tears are on a flow

I just don’t know how to let you go
Its God’s way, we can’t say no

In God’s hand, we are letting you go
Wherever you go, may all the happiness flow

In the snowy streets of Chicago
Don’t forget the spring of Green Meadow

In the hub of your chores
Don’t forget the love of your folks

In the bloom of your life
Don’t forget to be a good wife

In the garden of your hubby
Don’t forget to do your Lord’s duty

What else can I say to you Nazo
Oh! Don’t forget to have fun in Chicago

Mahmood Jawaid, June 16, 2007
Copyright Mahmood N.A. Jawaid 2007
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