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Mahmood Jawaid


ABOUT Mahmood Jawaid

Mahmood Jawaid is a Chemical Engineer by profession and a free-lance writer by avocation. He has Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Chemical Engineering and has a Professional Engineers license from the State of Texas . He has more than thirty years of engineering experience and holds three US patents. He has published quite a few articles and satires on religious issues in the Charleston Gazette of the State of West Virginia . He has also authored seven books on the origin of humans, Jinns, and Satan, and human history and the Holy Quran in general.

Here we have a collection of his essays on faith recently published in the Charleston Gazette and information about his published books.

All work presented on this web site is by the permission of the writer, Mahmood Jawaid.


Mahmood Jawaid

Mahmood Jawaid is an author, writer, satirist, poet, and sometimes humorist. But he has yet to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.
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